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Phase 3 Technologies, Inc. will help you gain a competitive edge by managing your Printed Circuit Board needs. P3TI is based in the heart of Silicon Valley and our highly experienced PCB specialists have spent decades learning the various technical aspects of PCB fabrication in local shops around the Bay Area. As the industry changed and customer’s needs changed, the executives at P3TI created partnerships around the globe to bring together the best manufacturing facilities to meet those needs. For over 10 years, the people at P3TI have developed a process to bring OEM and EMS customers a precision “global” supply chain solution that is managed around the clock.

Specific ways P3TI simplifies managing your PCB requirements…

  • We put your job in the right shop by technology, layer count and turn time reducing the possibilities of time consuming remakes and costly delays.
  • We manage engineering questions and data submission late at night with our partner shops so you do not need to work overnight or learn a foreign language.
  • We leverage hundreds of thousands of dollars in PCB purchases each month to lower your price so you can either gain margin or reduce your prices and win more business.
  • We invest in highly experienced sales and engineering professionals that are able to offer you a much more informed and technical solution.
  • We manage your jobs overnight to ensure we meet or beat the contracted dock date.
  • We invoice our customers locally and offer payment terms on approved credit. Our customers are purchasing from P3TI in the USA directly rather than wire transfer funds in advance all over the world.
  • We are partnered with shops here in the Silicon Valley for quick turn-around repair and rework if and when it is required so that we can get top quality boards to you faster.
  • We travel overseas on a regular basis to inspect partner shops, deepen existing top level relationships, and qualify new partners to lower costs and increase our efficiency…saving you time and money.
  • We have an extensive Rep program that allows us to have an experienced PCB expert able to visit and shake your hand in many areas of the country.

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